The art installations found at different sites in the library are created by students from the Introductory Installation Art Course. Making use of everyday objects such as tapes, foil baking cups and fabrics, the students created these pieces to animate the space and hence injected a lively or tranquil atmosphere to their campus, and viewers are inspired to look at and perceive their familiar surroundings in new light.
The introductory installation art course encouraged students to explore the creative potential of the art form by utilizing space, materials, forms, contents and relevant techniques. Students consolidated what they have learnt by creating and setting up their own art piece in the course exhibition. The exhibits here are the re-makes of those works, thoughtful modifications were made for fitting into the new locations and context, and for bringing out new meanings and experience.
AU Hiu Yan Joyce
Beautify the Boring Life
CHIU Wai Shan
Information Systems and Marketing
CHO Hyo Jung
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
PARK Hojeong
Biochemistry and Cell Biology