They are selected sets of photographs taken by students as their final projects for the course New Topographic Photography. Through this alternative approach of landscape photography, students learnt to acknowledge people’s interaction with the land by picturing built urban environment in an objective manner.
Looking at the photographs taken by these students you will agree that instead of merely rendering the beauty of the all-too-familiar objects in our environment, their works also open up our eyes in realizing that we have overlooked something of importance in our daily life. No matter the man-made slopes, the to-be-demolished old style public estates, or the light that has blinded our eyes in the night, they all reflected how we human beings are intervening our environment in a way that such actions have become a norm, and behind the surface, we are hardly aware of the problem that all these actions have procured stealthily.
KONG Chun Hei Tristan
Computer Science
LAM I Ching
Global Business & Marketing
Reflection Objects in City
LI Hon
Electronic Engineering
When New Meets Old
LIU Suet Ming Doris
School of Science
Slopes of Hong Kong
MAST, Jeremy Olivier Claude Michel
School of Humanities and Social Science
The Night Sky in Hong Kong
TAM HO Yeung
Electronic Engineering