Course Description
Translating ideas into reality can be challenging. It requires creativity with an understanding of theory, use of materials, function, and aesthetics. Model building allows a designer to translate ideas into reality. A model permits the builder to create a prototype and modify ideas quickly as needed. Creating models by hand is a great way to bring a product to life. In this course, students make models using various materials and assembly methods while refining and improving their ideas.

Prof. Uwe Reishl
Prof. Ravi Goonetilleke

Date: 5-23 Jan 2015 (Winter Term)

Class Participants
ATTIA, HalaCHAN, Sin ManCHENG, Nga Wun
CHENG, Wan HeiFOK, Kin Wai AllenGUPTA, Shivang
HO, Pui LunLEE, Wing YuLUI, Ming Hong
QIU, ZhiweiSUEN, Oi ToWONG, Cheuk Ping Germaine
WONG, Heung SangYEUNG, Chun KitYEUNG, Tin Lam
Space/Submersible Module for Living and Work