Gems of New Year Prints — An Exhibition from the Shanghai Library Collection

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Children Playing at the Lantern Festival
A Joyous Family Reunion at the Spring Festival
Making Merry in the Bridal Chamber
The Five Gods of Prosperity
Plentiful Silkworms and a Bountiful Harvest
The Monkey King Stealing the Peaches of Immortality
Mulan Joins the Army
Cai Zhuangyuan (Winner of the Imperial Examination) Building Luoyang Bridge
Master Yue Captures the Jin Captain at Yujiazhuang
Kongming Tricks Cao Cao out of His Arrows
Dingjun Mountain
Capturing Guan Sheng on Liang Mountain
Western Merchants Celebrating Peace in Shanghai
Imperial Commissioners from the West Negotiate Peace with Prime Minister Li
Zeng Guofan Feasts to Peace