DateApril 26, 2016 (Tuesday)
Time15:00 - 16:00
Speaker閻連科教授 (Prof. Yan Lianke)
Moderator劉劍梅教授 (Prof. Liu Jianmei)
Language普通話 (Mandarin)





Prof. Yan Lianke

閻連科 (現為香港科技大學冼為堅中國文化客座教授),1958年出生出生於中國河南省嵩縣的一個偏窮小村,1978年應徵入伍,1985年畢業於河南大學政教系、1991年畢業於解放軍藝術學院文學系。 1979年開始寫作,主要作品有長篇小說《夏日落》、《日光流年》、《堅硬如水》、《受活》、《為人民服務》、《丁莊夢》、《風雅頌》、《四書》 、《炸裂志》等10餘部;中、短篇小說集《年月日》、《黃金洞》、《耙耬天歌》、《朝著東南走》等15部,散文、言論集12部;另有《閻連科文集》17卷。其中《夏日落》、《為人民服務》、《丁莊夢》和《四書》四部小說在中國遭禁,是中國最受爭議的作家。曾先後獲第一、第二屆魯迅文學獎,第三屆老舍文學獎和馬來西亞世界華文文學大獎;2013年入圍法國費米那文學獎和英國國際布克獎短名單; 2014年獲捷克卡夫卡文學獎,2016年第二次入圍英國國際布克獎短名單。其作品被譯為日、韓、越、法、英、德、意大利、西班牙、以色列、荷蘭、挪威、瑞典、捷克、塞爾維亞等20幾種語言,在20多個國家和地區出版。 2004年因“作品令人擔憂”而退出軍界,現供職於中國人民大學文學院,為教授、作家。

出席此座談會的同學可獲HLTH1010課程中"Activities"單元的"Wellness and Personal Enrichment" 1.0小時學習時數。同學須於入場及離場時出示學生證以作記錄。名額有限,請報名留座

About the Talk

In this talk, Prof. Yan will share his passion about literature and he will also give us a glimpse into the alluring world of his writing journey.

About the Speaker

Yan Lianke (Sin Wai Kin Visiting Professor of Chinese Culture), was born in a small village in Song county, Henan province in 1958. In 1978 he joined the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and in 1985 he graduated from Henan University with a major in Political Education. In 1991, he received a degree from the Literature Department of the PLA Academy of Art. He began writing fiction in 1979, and to-date he has published eleven novels, ten novellas, five volumes of prose, and a seventeen-volume “collected works.” His novels include Summer Sunset, Years after Years, As Hard as Water, Lenin’s Kisses, Serve the People!, Dream of Ding Village, and The Four Books. He has received more than twenty national and international literary prizes, including the first and second Lu Xun Literature Prize, and third Lao She Literature Prize, and the Malaysia World Chinese Literature Award. He was a finalist for the Prince of Asturias Literature Prize and the Prix Femina Literature Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2013 Man Booker International Prize. In 2014 he was the first Chinese writer to be awarded the Franz Kafka Literature Prize. In 2016, he was shortlisted for Man Booker International Prize. His works has been translated into more than twenty languages, including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, French, English, German, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, and Serbian. There has been considerable dispute over his writing in China, and he has stood as a writer with deep conscience and great passion. In 2004, he quit the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Now, he is a professor at Renmin University in Beijing. But Summer Sunset, Serve the People!, Dream of Ding Village and the Four Books have been either banned or were not able to be published in China. Yan Lianke is a writer of the most independent and controversial in Chinese contemporary authors.

Prof. Yan Lianke Book Talk

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